Shrimadhav U K

the Sin of UserBots

പട്ടി ടെലിഗ്രാം v2

UserBot: The Necassary Evil

my first PIP package

What are Telegram UserBots?


How ~~not~~ to create your own മലയാളം ക്വിസ് റോബോട്ട്?

How to Deploy PublicLeech, on a GNU/Linux server?

my Telgram bots, that use scrapping


Telegram <=> WhatApp

പട്ടി ടെലിഗ്രാം

മലയാളികൾ ചെറ്റകൾ ആണ്


Why I deleted my FaceBook account?: PART 3

Matrix <=> Telegram

An Awesome Idea by @noteness

വിശ്വാസം അതല്ലേ എലാം!

For The GreaterGood!

#HateIndians: Part 7


An Experimental Blog Post, for the Greater Good!

the FOSSMeet 17

sudo pip install --user ThePythonPackage

Why I deleted my What's'App account?

#HateIndians: Part 1

#HateIndians: Part 2

#HateIndians: Part 0

The 8th Happiness

Why Microsoft Windows hates GNU/Linux?

Why I deleted my FaceBook account?

ചെറ്റ @zuck


My experiments with Intel Galileo Gen 2

don't have USB cables ... ?

Sometimes writing long Sentences is ...

a Very useful GNU/Linux command

Use a poor man's VPN

Vendor LockIn !

a meta search engine

Detect the systems in the Network!

How to Invite all your facebook friends to like your facebook page?

The Internet never forgets!

feeling accomplished!

Code Obfuscation- The Easy Way!


NWO v1.0

Telegram => WhatsApp?

JavaScript- to be OR not to be?

ഒരു ദുരന്ത ദിവസം

Hello World!