Shrimadhav U K

പട്ടി ടെലിഗ്രാം v2

I had been a Telegram Fan (over-abuser) for some years,. But, yesterday, exactly at 10:40 IST Telegram deleted my private channel -1001245694736, which I was using as a database for both @MediaInfoRoBot and @FilesToIinkBot.

I do not know why Telegram had deleted the channel, since I did not get any notification / information from a Telegram authority that they are going to delete it. I thought it was my Telegram Application issue, so I tried login from a new device, and checked if I am able to access the channel, by searching for the channel name. i was not able to find it., so, I decided to check the application logs of my bots, by logging into the bot server.

I saw that I had been getting

[400 CHANNEL_PRIVATE]: The channel/supergroup is not accessible (caused by "messages.ForwardMessages")

in the Application Logs.


I, again, kept believing that it might be a mistake, (since, I did not get any messages from the Telegram), and tried to access the channel by using the<CHAT_ID>/2 link, and saw that the Telegram Application was showing #6: Can't access the chat error.


I thought that I should try to create a new channel, and make the bots online, again. Here, again, Telegram application showed me an error, that Sorry, you have been restricted by the admins from performing this action. I checked the @SpamBot to know the reason, and it displayed the message which I had never seen while using Telegram.


So, as per the message from @SpamBot, I wrote an electronic mail to [email protected], yesterday at 12:30 IST,. (I have still not received a reply 😂), but I checked @SpamBot again today, and now I am able to create channels again.


Also, the vanished channel came back in my chat list, magically!!


What might have happened?

at this point, I can only guess, I am not sure if any of the below statements are True / Valid.

Yesterday, one unknown user, tried the screenshot feature of the @MediaInfoRoBot, the video file had some NSFW scenes, which triggered the Telegram algorithm's, and my account which had created the Telegram bot got flagged, and hence Telegram deleted the channel which does the task of taking the screenshots.

btw, the two videos (whose, files are not safe to send on Telegram) are streaming on ZEE5. you can watch the videos tt11543916 and tt13979126, if you want. If you try to send any screenshot / videos from these two movies to Telegram, your account will get instantly banned, and will require manual un-ban to message any other user, and get freed by @SpamBot.