Shrimadhav U K

the Sin of UserBots

warning displayed in 🤧😬

you should never share your OTP, (or passwords) to any random third-party bots / users / public channels / public groups.

in an ideal world, we enjoy sharing the codes, with other users, that, in essence is the True spirit of Open Source softwares, but ...

Apparently NO,

There are good people too, but, when most people we interact with are like this, we tend to believe as explained in this post.

actually, i think the userbots (or self bots) should be written by ourselves,

Let me tell you a story

once upon a time, there was a kid, who did not understand much about Telegram. He thought, it would be cool to create a Telegram UserBot, using Telethon.

Most Indian Telegram users at that time were cloning / adding new features to the then popular group management bots: @GBReborn_bot OR @BanHammerMarie_Bot.

This kid also made the same mistake which most kids of that age make. He forked one Telethon UserBot, (and modified it to suit his needs), so that any Telegram user can deploy their own userbot, with just one button click.

He did not realise what was bad in it at that time, He thought (like most kids of that age), it was really cool,....

we could send one command, and it gets edited instantly, and all the cool animations ...

slowly the community around these Indian userbots grew, and different Telegram users started to deploy their own userbots.

He thought, cool 😎😍, and everybody would remain self sustained.

But, he was not aware of what was happening behind the scenes, a brutal plot to increase Telegram spammers.

if you have read till here, ponder this: 🧐 was there any captcha / group verification bot in Telegram, when we had initially signed up for an account? I had not seen any, and I think these bots became popular recently, maybe after 2019.

fast forwarding to the present, I now see there are lot of new users who try somebody else's "userbot", not because they want to learn new things, but just to look cool 😎😍 / flex to other people 😬🤧. People don't try to understand what "megick" is happening behind the scenes, and just follow the instructions blindly, without understanding the consequences.

an userbot is a third party Telegram client, which is pre-programmed to do certain things, based on certain actions. To do all this, we need to have the code running on a "computer", when we need to use the userbot.

in an ideal world, users using these softwares should read the source codes OR trust the developers of the software, but this world is far from perfect and there are lot of issues with using userbot, especially for people who just like to flex their skills, to other people.

Eventually, with the increase in popularity of these userbots, new types of scams seemed to perpetuate, a few notable once amongst them are: asking "developers" for their api keys, asking "developers" for their login session, motivating users to share their login session, in return for new features like muting other channel administrators, and other bad things.

Why did I write this ?

You don't judge the features we want. You write code. Know your place.

Just an ആത്മ ഗതം, the damage that was done, can't be undone now!

This blog post is merely an attempt to inform users to not run random codes that they don't understand.