Shrimadhav U K

Telegram <=> WhatApp

Happy New Year to everyone reading this.

A popular messenger of this generation had blocked me this day, last year. So, again that curiosity came inside me at the dusk of another year.

Presenting to you, Telegram <=> WhatApp Bridge, similar to the popular @tchncs_bot!

Code Courtesy: @tgalal and @rmed

Idea Courtesy: a person who I do not know

So, how to use the following bot?

Talk is cheap, so presenting the following video, which will give a broader picture.

  • Add the WhatApp number to the WhatApp group that you would like to bridge, and the Telegram Bot to the Telegram group.
  • Send /getID in the WhatApp group.
  • Send the response received to the Telegram group.
  • You will get a response indicating the status of the bridge.
  • Please do subscribe to @WhatAppStatus on Telegram, to get the status of the bot.

നിയമപരമായ മുന്നറിയിപ്പ്:- No boat owners were harmed in the making of this bot!