Shrimadhav U K

പട്ടി ടെലിഗ്രാം

This blog post is my attempt to explain why I use the not so popular instant messaging application, compared to other similar popular alternatives.

  • The official Telegram Bots:

    • @telegraph
    • @wiki
    • @vid
    • @imdb
    • @gif
    • @bing
    • @pic
    • @gamee Play games inside Telegram
    • @storebot Get list of Telegram bots sorted by category.
  • @AnySaveBot Download any videos

  • @ENMLBot This bot can help in transliteration of English text to some specific Indic languages, which can be changed in the bot settings.

  • @GetPublicLinkBot Get URLs from Telegram servers

  • @GetSubtitleBot Download subtitles from and right inside your Telegram chat.

  • @GMailBot This will help you to connect your Google mail with Telegram.

  • @MP3Call Listen to radio and other popular songs, without headphones.

  • @MP3sBot Download Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam songs from any Telegram chat.

  • @NewsHeadLinks Get the latest headlines aggregated from various news channels, daily.

  • @plainmemebot Searches for @plainmeme from any chat

  • @tchncs_bot Communicate with people who refuse to join Telegram.

  • @TGMoviesBot Search for files in Telegram, without having to join multiple groups.

  • @urluploadbot Upload URLs to Telegram servers

  • @utubebot Download YouTube videos

  • @WelixUberBot Book Uber rides without the Android application right inside Telegram

Also, did I mention that you do not need a smartphone to become a user of this not so popular instant messaging application.

Telegram has various official and un-official clients which can be downloaded for free only on

Why am I writing this, instead of doing something productive? വെറും മന:സുഖം!

Please do fill in any useful Telegram bots, that I have missed in the comment section below!