Shrimadhav U K

മലയാളികൾ ചെറ്റകൾ ആണ്

I really feel guilty while writing this blog post. I know that 'To recurse is divine', I also understand that 'PiRacy is theft', but I did not have any other option (atleast, എന്റെ അറിവിൽ ഇല്ലാ).

It was a good movie, not the best, but 'certainly' not like the rest of the Malayalam movies. Maybe this would be the time, when the Malayalam Movie industry is going back in time (If You Know What I Mean). The script was good, the direction was good. I do not understand where the things could have gone wrong.

Back in 2013, I had not even heard that a movie was released with this name. Neither was it released in any movie theatres near me. The movie was shot quite near to the place where I call home, but still it was not released in any movie theatres near that place. You see the irony, don't you? But, now (obviously) it has come on Torrentz and all Malayalees (like me) would have watched the movie and enjoyed it.

There will come a time when people will realize what is good and what is not good, and begin to defend the good things around the world, and not support the things which are not good. These were the magical words of an author that I love the most!


But, this certainly might not be that time!