Shrimadhav U K

Use a poor man's VPN

At some point of time in our life, most of us would have wanted a Virtual Private Network, that can help us achieve various things, without being worried that the NSA is purveying over you.

@apenwarr has created this wonderful python application, that works as a poor man's VPN.

All we need to do are:

  • first install apenwarr/sshuttle from pip.

pip install --user sshuttle

  • find a free web server with SSH permissions.
  • remember the USERNAME, PASSWORD, and the IP_ADDRESS of the remote server.
  • then, enter the following command (replacing, it appropriately with your credentials).

sshuttle --dns -r [email protected]_ADDRESS 0/0

  • So, now we have a free VPN, thanks to @apenwarr


Now, this has become more essential for #NITC inmates! If I say anything more Then the whole point of writing this post is lost.

But, I would like to thank @aashishsatya without whom I would never have the ability to write this post! Thank you @aashishsatya ;)