Shrimadhav U K


In my house, there are a lot of books. Though none of the books are under my ownership, I decided to make a "searchable" database of the books. But, I hate data entry, and hence I found the solution to that.

Google provides a Google Books Application Programming Interface which can get all the details of a book from its International Standard Book Number.

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier.

The following code is a JavaScript wrapper for the Google Books API.

Next, I needed to use my mobile camera as a barcode scanner for my computer. So, I used the ZXing Barcode Scanner Android application together with the following web application.

Using the above stackoverflow answer, I developed a web application which will take a barcode as input and automatically insert the book details into a MySQL table.


However, since Google Books did not have all the book details that I have some manual data entry had to be done.

Also, I am extremely sorry that I could not open source the code that powers this web application, as the database contains various personally identifiable informations.