Shrimadhav U K

NWO v1.0

And, finally the v1.0 of WhatsApp plugin is live on Google Play Store.

Within, a few days it is expected to be live on the Free and Open Source Android Market, F-Droid.

How to use the application?

The application by itself is absolutely useless. It is a plugin to the popular Internet Messaging Service, WhatsApp.

The not-so popular Internet Messaging Service created by the Russian @durov has a feature with which we can socialize using the Internet Messaging Application, without compromising on our Personally Identifiable information.

The application that I made is an attempt to include that feature of the not so popular Internet Messaging application in the popular Internet Messaging application, because it is used by many, and the users would love to have this feature incorporated.

In Telegram, the URL can be shared with anybody using the Telegram application. So, similarly, from now onwards the URL can be shared with people using WhatsApp, without bothering to add them to your contacts.


The above image was purposefully blurred due to intellectual property right issues.

Opening the above URL (with my application installed on your phone) with the XXXXXXXXXXXXXX replaced with a valid international phone number will navigate you straight to the chat window of XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Hoping, people will download the application and use this new feature.