Shrimadhav U K

Telegram => WhatsApp?

I browse a lot of websites daily, and hence I happened to come across this site. I was awestruck with the way the webpage was designed. At the same time, I was equally surprised why the popular Internet Messaging Service of this generation does not have this feature. All they have are native applications, which fail to connect with the Open Web. So, I set out to make an application which will do just that.

For example: If I have a link like

<a href="mywhatsapp://XXXXXXXXXXXXXX">Contact Me on WhatsApp</a>

then in a mobile phone the WhatsApp application should open up, with the XXXXXXXXXX's chat screen, or should display an error message accordingly, If the user (current user or the other user) has not installed WhatsApp.

I started work on the project today, which can be seen live on GitHub with just the functionality of opening the chat (without any intent filters).

Finally, I would like to give credit to the people who made the development of this application possible. credit_stackoverflow