Shrimadhav U K

How ~~not~~ to create your own മലയാളം ക്വിസ് റോബോട്ട്?

This is an attempt to resume my blog which has been dead for quite sometime.

I started the development of the robot, yesterday evening. Till now, I had only made robots that would respond to an user action, and had never created a robot, which would post messages after a certain amount of time. I had many doubts how it would work, and had asked many doubts in the support group of the library, I was using.

The RoBot works in almost similar way like the official @QuizBot, with some parts modified to suit my needs.

NO Native Telegram Polls

I had a RedMi Mobile Phone, and I often find it difficult to copy questions and paste it in the Telegram QuizBot using their Poll Attachment mode. Soo, in my robot, to add quizes you can send the question and answers in Text format, instead of using Native Telegram Polls. While running the Quiz, the robot will send the actual quiz, with the answer choices jumbled up.

Completely Translated to Malayalam, using Telegram @lang_translate_bot

I have also translated all strings used in the official Telegram QuizBot to Malayalam, and all the Quiz Creation Interfaces is in Malayalam, now.

I know, that I have still not added the features of the official QuizBot, some of them being:--

  • [ ] Explanation after answering the Quizes
  • [ ] Timer while the Quiz is in progress
  • [ ] Option to View Created Quizes
  • [ ] Statistics of the Quizes

The മലയാളം ക്വിസ് റോബോട്ട് was just an attempt to create my own bot, It might work / might not. But, I think, I have learnt somethings, on How to Create my own Telegram RoBots.