Shrimadhav U K

What are Telegram UserBots?

It started in late 2019.

In those days, telegram was a nice place with no "userbot"s. It all changed, when everybody started deploying own userbots, using pre-built code made by somebody, on free services, like 000webhost / Heroku. I think, I should blame myself partly, since, now many users just click on a BIG PINK button, without understanding anything on how things work under the hood, and expect to look COOL by messaging other unsuspecting Telegram users.

so, What are userbots? Telegram offers two types of APIs, one popularly called the HTTP API, for developing Telegram bots, without the need to understand the Telegram MtProto, and, another called MtProto API, commonly used for developing Telegram Clients, similar to the Android Application. [1]

I think, by using the HTTP API, even if we accidentaly leak the token of a bot created using BotFather, we can revoke or delete the bot, but this is not the case with MtProto. There is no option to revoke our APP_ID from Even deleting a Telegram account does not revoke the APP_ID. So, it is essential that the users understand, the merits and de-merits by using a publicly available repository, provided AS-IS. I think, everybody should read or try to understand how things work, before attempting to do some irrevocable actions.

Beware of Half Truth, You may have got hold of the wrong half.

There are advantages and disadvantages of userbots, on Telegram, but the disadvantages largely outweigh the advantages.

  • using an unknown userbot, with unknown code, puts our account to risk.

with the official Telegram application, we are limited by our ISPs and the limitations that the UI clients have set upon us. but with an userbot, we can do whatever the Telegram API allows to do. This ranges from searching for query results in Google, automatically recharging our mobile phone plan when it is about to expire, remotely executing, transloading, or reencoding media files. All these are the good things that we can do with userbots.

The bad things (or the things which cause harm to other Telegram Users) that can be done by userbots, includes un-necassary editing of messages, resulting in the spamming of the Group Recent Actions, uploading large files to Telegram to waste (or abuse) Telegram Storage, and frequently downloading / deleting / and re-uploading large files to Telegram for testing.

😎😎 I am proud to say that I started my userbot journey by writing a spammy plugin.