Shrimadhav U K

my first PIP package

I have been using telegram-upload, since 2019. Recently, I decided to create my own package similar to telegram-upload, and hence UploadGram was born!

The major differences, with telegram-upload, as of this writing, are:

UploadGram only allows uploading, and does not support downloading.

UploadGram uses PyroGram to interact with Telegram APIs, which is believed to be faster than Telethon.

UploadGram supports login as both User and Bot, while telegram-upload supports only User mode because it has a lot of features.

How to Install and Use, in your PC?

Termux on Android, might be supported, but I haven't tested.
  • Install any version of Python > 3.6.

  • Verify the installation by typing python --version in your Terminal.

verify python installation

  • Create a virtual environment, to isolate the installation environment. Read More in a previous blog post

    python -m venv venv

  • Activate the virtual environment.

    venv\Scripts\activate for MicrosoftWindows users

    ./venv/bin/activate for GNU/Linux users

activate python virtual environment

  • Install uploadgram.

    pip install uploadgram

  • Get the required informations, from Telegram.

    • Get your Telegram API keys, from
    • Create a bot using BotFather, and get the API token.
    • Add the bot as administrator in a channel.
    • Send a message in the channel, and click on Copy Link.
    • The link will look like
    • Here, -10012345 is your chat_id.
  • Enter your Telegram API keys, and Login as user (or a bot)

    • uploadgram -10012345 your_file_or_directory_name

uploadgram installation

  • Check the Telegram Chat, to get the uploaded file.