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How to Deploy PublicLeech, on a GNU/Linux server?

it all began on October 28, 2019 20:15 IST, and has evolved to a bot for all LEECHing purposes.

This blog post is an attempt to explain how to deploy the Telegram RoBot to a GNU/Linux server.

STEP 1 / 3

First, create an account on Hetzner Cloud using my referral link.

Create a Project and a Server, as explained in the below video.

In the video, I had chosen the default options.

How to get SSH Public Key?

In the Step 7, while creating a server, follow the provided commands to generate your SSH key.


Leave default values, or optionally choose a password, for your SSH key. Paste the SSH Public Key, in the Hetzner Cloud, in the provided field.

Wait a few minutes, for the server to get provisioned.

In the meanwhile, keep the TG_BOT_TOKEN, APP_ID, API_HASH, ready for copying.

It is not recommended to do anything as the root superuser, in a GNU/Linux system. Read my article to understand why compartmentalising your ENVironment is essential.

Create an user (to do stuff)

Create a new user: adduser spechide Add the newly created user to the sudo group: usermod -aG sudo spechide

Install Docker

Follow the Installation Instructions in the official website, to install Docker.

Caprover Installation

Follow the Installation Instructions in the official website, to install Caprover.

caprover should be installed successfully, in the GNU/Linux VPS.

STEP 2 / 3

Open the Captrover WEB UI.

Create an Application, from the WEB UI. [this step is very similar to the Heroku web UI, if you are familiar with it 😉]

Turn off WEB Listener.

Set the mandatory ENVironment variables, by reading the repository README, or watching the above video.

Set your repository URL / Branch Name.

Build and Run your Application.

Test by sending a link to the Telegram Group.

STEP 3 / 3

  • Install in your local system.

  • Generate rclone config file.

  • Upload the rclone.conf to your private Telegram AUTH_CHANNEL.

  • Reply the appropriate command.

  • Edit the variables, and test by sending link in the Telegram Group.

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