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A post for the greater good!

I have been thinking about this for a long time, whether I should do it or not. After a great consideration and consultation, I decided to do it.

The above JavaScript is considered dangerous by some people. Google PlayStore tries to do the exact same thing on every Android phone with GApps installed. But, since I had bought a phone, and also because I am a human, (and not a goblin), I think that "I should control the phone", and not vice-versa.

Google Play Store has what is termed as "auto-updates". This is feasible because Google PlayStore does not work if it is not a "system" application. I also like the saying that With great power, comes great responsibility! They should have at-least asked if the user wants to have the "auto-update" feature, and accordingly do the corresponding action.

I had even tried installing Google PlayStore as an user application, but (obviously) the application does not even start.

മനുഷ്യൻ ആയാൽ ഇത്രെയും ആർത്തി പാടില്ല!

More on why I do not use GApps may be read here.

So, enter LineageOS, without GApps.


A problem that is faced by most users, (including me), is the lack of knowledge of free alternatives to the GApps.

Google Apps The Free Alternative
Google Play Store F-Droid
BarCode Scanner
Google SyncProviders DAVdroid
Google Search DuckDuckGo
Google Maps OsmAnd~
Google Allo Conversations
Google Duo Riot
QuickOffice Document Viewer, LibreOffice Viewer

But, still I have not found free alternatives to the following applications.

Proprietary Applications
Mozilla FireFox
Signal Messenger
Microsoft Outlook

For now, I prefer to sideload the above applications by downloading the APK from or

I know that this method reduces the convenience provided by Google PlayStore, but as I said a single organization should not be in control of what we do or see on the internet.

"Human beings do have the habit of choosing precisely those things that are not good for them." - APWBD