Shrimadhav U K

An Experimental Blog Post, for the Greater Good!

I am a student, hailing from the state of Kerala (a.k.a God's Own Country)!


On April 6, 2017, UDF and BJP had declared state wide "hartal" in the state. The reason stated for the hartal is "to protest against the police action on Jishnu Pranoy’s family members" [1].

But, still some "valid" questions remain!

Why should the people of the state "suffer", because of the absurd decisions taken by the political parties? Shouldn't the people of the state have a say in something that concerns them? Why are they left to "suffer" in silence, instead of being able to "सफर" in peace?


Now, some സംഖിs or കമ്മിs would come and say that, I would not say any of the above if the above "..." had happened to me, or my family members. Well, for them I put forward these questions.


Did "they" get back that thing they had lost? Did the injuries "magically" disappear by organizing this? What did "they" gain by doing this?

Some facts:

  • During a Hartal/Strike, crores of rupees are a loss to the Indian Democratic Country.


  • There might be some people, who would have had other commitments and unfortunately had to cancel those appointments because of some absurd people.

Why I am writing this?

Another disgusting thing about the country I live in is the kind of rulers that we are ruled by.


The political parties like to know the citizens of the country only when the election is round the corner. They unnecassarily praise themselves and do not do any work.


Now, some കമ്മിs might come and say, "LDF has come, and everything will be alright". But, is everything alright? What visible change has the LDF bought forward (instead of just abusing their fellow colleagues)?


What appears to be seen, has not occured! But, what has occured would not be seen? Thus, there might be some who tend to see past the mundane of the brain but not think about the consequences of their actions. As some great person has said, Human beings do have the bad habit of choosing precisely those things which are not good for them.

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