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For The GreaterGood!

It all began when TRD posted on TSN about his new application. As usual, I tried to install it on my phone. But, I was interrupted with an "annoying" pop-up, even though I could use the application.

A natural question arises, "Why I have not installed Google Play Services (a.k.a GApps) on my phone?". This post might try to give an answer to that question.

First of all, a little introduction about me. I am a human being by birth, and I liked all Google products from its inception. The problem that I faced was not there (or atleast it was not exploited as it is now) till Android 3.2, but beginning from 4.0.3 "this" issue was widely exploited by Google. I know that Android GO would be introduced this fall, but I do not think that it would not have "this" issue.

So, what is this issue?

Google PlayStore installs all applications without having to tick "Unknown Sources", because it is a system application. So, it can install applications without having the user interact with the system.

It is good in one way, but what if "this" is used in an unintended way?

Google PlayStore does exactly this. They have what is called "auto-updates", which can be used to automatically download the PlayStore update from time to time, without even asking the user. Since I mostly have my data enabled, it is not economical for me.

People might suggest to turn the data in my phone off, but as I said earlier I was born as a human-being by birth, and I would not like to go the "goblin" way!

This is the only feature that I do not like in a GApps enabled phone. I like all the other innovating features by Google, through their profound advancement in AI and ML, and I also trust them to keep my data safe.

Trust: It is a beautiful and terible thing, and therefore should be treated with great caution. - APWBD


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